25 Social Media Sites for Financial Professionals

Social media is fast becoming a good way to get good information about what is happening in the world of finance. You can get quick access to high quality information, the latest developments and helpful hints when you pay attention to what is being disseminated over social media channels. Here are 25 useful social media Web sites for financial professionals:

General Finance News

These social media Web sites offer news on a variety of subjects, allowing you to rank stories and share with your social network. You get a pretty good idea of the day’s headlines.

  1. Tip’d Finance News is one of the premier social media Web sites for finances. Categories cover a number of investment sectors, as well as business, personal finance and real estate. One of the best places to see what is going on around the Web in the world of money and finance.
  2. PF Buzz provides a look at finances, with a personal finance twist. Vote on articles you think are well-written, and get a feel for what is setting the financial world abuzz.
  3. Reddit, FinancialPlanning offers a specific Reddit category just for financial planning issues. The subscriber list is growing, and the submissions to this particular Reddit provide helpful insights and some great articles from around the financial blogosphere.
  4. Mixx tag “finance” allows you to keep up to date on current topics of discussion in the business and finance world.
  5. Twinancial brings personal finance tweets from around the world right to you. Want to get ideas, connect with other financial professionals and just stay in the loop? Tinancial can probably help.
  6. Wisebread offers great content on finance and news from a variety of contributors. Additionally, the site has a forum where you can interact with other members, as well as daily deals.


The idea of social investing has really picked up. You can involve yourself in a number of communities that allow you to take advantage of collective knowledge in order to make stock market decisions.

  1. FeedTheBull provides news, videos, Q&A and a community of users interested in stock market news, as well as other financial news. Use the bullish vote button (fun to do), and join often-lively discussions about the stock market issues of the day.
  2. Value Investing News gives its members a little twist. Not only do you enjoy the benefits of community for your investment news, but you also get a share of the AdSense revenue from the Web site. You can bid stories higher and lower, and you can provide reviews of new stories. Use the Zacks.com screener on the site to help you find true value stocks.
  3. Stockpickr puts the magic of collective ideas to work for investors. Offered through TheStreet.com, Stockpickr is developed by folks who know what they are doing. Follow professional and spotlight portfolios, and create your own portfolio based on what works. Read news, and get helpful hints on how to become a better investor.
  4. SocialPicks is another social investing Web site that provides the opportunity for you to learn from your investing peers. You can follow what others say about their favorite tickers, as well as keep track of what is being said on Twitter.
  5. Wikinvest provides the Wikipedia version of the stock market. Detailed information on prominent companies is included, along with bearish and bullish arguments from Wikinvest members. See detailed stock charts, and read the latest on a number of investment sectors.
  6. Covestor provides you with the chance to follow professional investors. Build your credibility, and people may even begin to follow your stock trades! Portfolios that perform well are ranked, and you can even create an account that will mimic the moves of your favorite investment professionals.
  7. StockTwits harnesses the power of Twitter to help you find stock tips and the latest news about investment related issues.
  8. Kapitall may still be in beta, but it has the potential to be a very interesting social media site for investors. Kapitall acts like a stock trading game. It also helps you meet like-minded investors. Search your favorite stocks, and read the latest investment and finance news.

Budget and Money Management

You can use social media Web sites to manage your finances — and to connect with others. Here are some sites that take budgeting to the next level, by helping you find others with similar goals and situations.

  1. Wesabe connects you with others who can share advice and information on managing finances. You can even share your own knowledge with others, building your own profile.
  2. moneyStrands helps you manage your money easily, providing mobile versions of its services, as well as community. You can save money, share your knowledge with others and keep track of your entire financial life.
  3. We, the Savers was set up by ING Direct to connect savers across the country. Sign the declaration and use calculators, tools and freebies available on the site.
  4. Google Tip Jar provides a number of money saving tips that can help you better manage your money. You can become involved as a financial professional by joining and adding your tips to the jar.

Promoting Your Financial Services

  1. LinkedIn has a Social Media and Web 2.0 in Banking and Financial Services group that offers great insight into how you can use social media and Web 2.0 to increase your business. Learn how to use social media tools as a financial professional.
  2. Voyant offers money management software to consumers, as well as financial professionals. Indeed, Voyant has a set-up that allows you to market your services and provide value-added products for your clients. Connect with users of the Voyant@Home software easily, simply by being a part of the network.
  3. ActiveRain focuses on real estate professionals. You can sign up, and then post to your own blog. Share information about your real estate market, and network with other real estate professionals.
  4. IFA Life provides a place for Financial Planners, Wealth Managers and Indpendent Financial Advisers to meet each other and get helpful hints and support. Forums, news and resources, as well as events, can be found on this social networking site.
  5. Sexy Insurance really isn’t as risqué as it sounds. It is the social networking site for insurance industry professionals. Share photos and videos, connect with others in the insurance industry, and join different groups.

It is also worth noting that you can find interesting finance articles and advice on the following social media sites:

  1. StumbleUpon offers the chance for you to designate a “thumbs up” for sites you like. This puts them into the pool, and allows people to “stumble” onto them randomly. You can choose interests, so that your stumbles lead you most often to Web sites with a financial focus.
  2. Kirtsy is aimed mostly at women. However, there are often financial articles on the Web site, in a variety of categories (not just the world, business and politics designation), that can give you a good feel for what women are interested in when it comes to finances.

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