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Accountants of all levels rely on some form of technology to accomplish their tasks. Accountants might create databases, interpret financial data using analysis software, or use resource planning applications. They might also use internet technologies and financial commerce software as guides that will help them make more informed decisions. The study of Accounting Technology explores these and many other technological tools in the processing of accounting data. Graduates of all levels in this specialized field have encouraging career prospects as the digital age demands more and more professionals to be techno-savvy.

Associate’s programs in Accounting Technology teach students how to rely on software, the internet, and other technologies to analyze and interpret accounting data and prepare reports. Bachelor’s programs instruct students on key technical, interpersonal, communication, problem-solving, and computer skills demanded by employers in the accounting field. Main objectives of the Master of Science in Accounting Technology is to provide graduates with the skills and best practices required for successful careers in accounting information systems roles or consulting. The curriculum explores accounting and information technology challenges faced by accountants and information technology professionals in modern organizations. Topics might include fraud detection, forensic auditing, regulatory reporting, information security, business intelligence, and data mining.

Featured Online Accounting Degree Programs

Learn how to help businesses track income, assets and expenses over time in a range of settings that will suit your lifestyle. If you really want to learn how businesses operate, an accounting degree can provide you with that foundation.

Kaplan University's online Associate of Applied Science in Accounting will teach you the theories and principles of business accounting, and provide you with the technical skills you need to succeed in an entry-level accounting position. You also can go on to earn your B.S. in accounting with specialties in auditing and managerial accountancy.
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AIU Online developed its Bachelor of Business Administration with a specialization in Accounting and Finance degree completion program to prepare students for career opportunities such as internal auditors, loan officers, personal financial advisers and more. Graduates also have a strong foundation for continued studies and can apply for AIU Online's MBA program in accounting upon graduation.
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Earn your Bachelor of Arts in Accounting (BAACC) degree in the comfort of your home from Ashford University, and develop the necessary analytical, conceptual and technical knowledge and proficiency in this field. Upon graduation, you will possess a practical understanding of these ideas and other important accounting concepts and skills required to demonstrate fundamental accounting principles and procedures.
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