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Do you want to obtain a degree in accounting, but you’re worried about how much money your degree might cost? One way to whittle that tuition down to a size comfortable enough for your wallet is through scholarships. Scholarships provide a way to pay for your education, and none of the funds received through this method need to be repaid.However, scholarships – unlike grants – usually demand that the recipient maintains a minimum grade average or attend a certain number of classes per semester, quarter or during the school year. Other scholarships may ask for a certain time working in a corporate atmosphere or the recipient may need to focus on a specialty within a profession.

But, in many cases, you may discover that scholarship funds require little outside what you would put into your degree work anyway. And, the number and variety of scholarships available may help pay for a vast amount of your tuition or expenses. While the work to obtain a scholarship is not easy at time – you may need to spend hours filling out forms, writing essays and more – you might find that this time spent on ‘free’ money is worth your while when compared to loans that you’ll owe upon graduation.

Accounting students can find scholarships earmarked specifically for this occupation through various Web sites, including college financial aid sites, professional organizations such as the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA), corporate sites and college scholarship sites. The U.S. government maintains a scholarship site at, and many state governments also carry information that can help resident students obtain scholarships. Look also to organizations like the KPMG Foundation, created in 1968 to support quality education in accounting, specifically through its matching gift program.

Other resources include student-based scholarhips. For instance, the ALPFA (Association of Latino Professionals and Finance and Accounting) offers opportunities for students. Women can find help through the ASWA (American Society of Women Accountants) or through the EFWA (Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting). The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) carries scholarships for minority accounting students as well as scholarships for a wider variety of students. You might also check what the NSA (National Society of Accountants) makes available to students.

You do not need to stick to accounting scholarships to earn your way through an accounting degree, however. If you are a woman, a minority student or a skilled artist or athlete, you can earn scholarships money simply by being eligible for those funds. Also, your GPA (grade point average) and your financial need can help you walk into the open doors of other scholarship funds. Still other scholarships may be available through your alma mater or through honor societies and fraternal organizations.

The trick is to spend time searching for scholarships, learning if you are eligible and learning how to fulfill all the requisites of the application and the fund dispersal. While scholarships represent work on your end, the rewards may be what you need to change your education and your life.

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