Top 50 Blogs for Accountants

If you like crunching numbers and are interested in pursuing a degree in accounting, you might enjoy reading the following blogs. From accountants to financial pros to experts in white collar accounting crime, these bloggers offer loads of valuable information. This list is organized alphabetically by accountants who blog, tax issues, tech talk, financial news, CPA testing, job management, blogs from various organizations and information about SOX.

Accounting Bloggers

  1. Accounting Tomorrow: This blog has an eye on the young, up-and-coming accountant and focuses on the ever-evolving generational dynamics in firms today.
  2. Accounting Web: Read all about accounting from a variety of bloggers in every topic under the accounting rainbow. You have a UK and/or a US option for reading insights.
  3. BookMarkLee: Mark provides insight, jokes, links and quotes related to accountants and accounting from a UK perspective. He also is Chairman of the Tax Advice Network and a past Chairman of the ICAEW‘s Tax Faculty. He also writes Accountant Jokes and Fun. Some jokes may not be funny unless you are an accountant.
  4. CPA Trendlines: Rick Telberg probably best known currently for his work at the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, but he brings his insights on accounting, tax and finance community to the public at large in this blog.
  5. Forensic Accounting Today: Learn more about investigative accounting, fraud examination, ethics violations and compliance, financial investigation and more from the world of forensic accounting at this blog.
  6. Jr. Deputy Accountant: A blog from an accounting enthusiast, hipster artist, mother, authorized snark distributor, “disbeliever in government, believer in regulation, potty mouth.”
  7. NumberInsights: A CPA in Nebraska, who is studying for a master’s degree in economics, shares interests in business development, technology, finance, economics, valuation, accounting and more.
  8. Skeptical CPA: This Texas CPA with an MBA from the University of Chicago provides good reading into current news as well as advice based upon all his mistakes.
  9. The Accounting Onion: Tom Selling peels away financial reporting issues “one layer at a time” on his blog with deliciously long and detailed entries.
  10. The Eyeshade: This blog offers a different view of the accounting professions, looking beyond the profession to tackle current events.
  11. The Exuberant Accountant: Tired of all the doom and gloom? Visit this blog to get a dose of news on the ‘up’ side, clever puns and more. this accountant is passionate about sharing what he learns.
  12. The Fraud Files: Learn more about white-collar crime, financial statement fraud, embezzlement, tax and insurance fraid from Tracy Coenen, a foresic accountant and fraud examiner.
  13. Where Every Penny Matters: Nicholas J. Pennewell, CPA, well versed in the studies of accounting and finance. He uses his blog to help others keep up-to-date on accounting issues.

Tax Issues

  1. Confessions of a CPA: This blog contains a tax manager’s thoughts on life in public acocunting and on life in general.
  2. MauledAgain: This is Professor Edward Maule’s commentary on tax law, legal education and other topics related to taxes, accounting and accountability.
  3. Our Taxing Times: Trish talks about U.S. taxes, the tax system and the tax preparation business from her perspective.
  4. P.C. Tax Update Blog: Roth & Company offers their perspectives on current tax issues.
  5. The Summa: A professor relays thoughts on higher accounting education, financial accounting and its regluation and accounting humor and movies.
  6. Tax Girl: A tax law fanatic provides her insights into tax law and policy at her blog.
  7. Taxable Talk: No blog flash here – just straight talk on taxes from Russ Fox, E.A., of Clayton Financial and Tax of Irvine, CA.
  8. The Wandering Tax Pro: Follow this New Jersey tax professional’s advice, news, resources and commentary about New Jersey tax policies.

Tech Talk

  1. ACCMan: Dennis Howlett concentrates on innovation for professional accountants with a strong leaning towards the technologies that drive client value.
  2. CPA Technology Blog: Brian Tankersley, CPA.CITP blogs on technology issues and news for all types of accountants.
  3. Linked CPA: This blog is sponsored by a company that offers client portals, document management, instant messaging and workflow management systems. But, unlike other business blogs, this one provides more food for the reader rather than a focus on the company.
  4. Power Abacus: Learn more about how to use Excel, Peachtree and QuickBooks to their fullest potentials through this blog.
  5. TAWPI Blog: While not focuse entirely on accounting, this blog does bring insights into that field along with business management, all blended with technology.
  6. The TechGap: Follow this blog to gain insight and ideas about the mix between public accounting and technology.
  7. Wall Street & Technology: A Web site and blog provided by TechWeb, the focus here is on banking, insurance, Wall Street and technology as well as financial news.

Investing and Financial

  1. 10Q Detective: The 10Q Detective offers insights into businesses’ 8-K and 10-Q SEC filings, looking for financial statement ‘soft spots,’ that may materially impact Quality of Earnings.
  2. Audit Trail: Provided by the marketers at Approva, this blog covers news from the world of audit, compliance and controls.
  3. FEI Financial Blog: This is a popular financial reporting blog written by employees at Financial Executives International for CFOs and other senior finance executives.
  4. Going Concern: This blog focuses on news and information for CFOs, accountants and financial executives.
  5. The AAO Weblog: The Accounting Observer provides updated information on accounting issues and current events as they relate to investment analysis practices.
  6. The Aleph Blog: David Merkel helps readers learn more about better investing through risk control, and how to tie all of the markets into a coherent whole.
  7. The Auditors: This blog focuses on changes in the accounting profession and the ability to (or, to not) safeguard shareholder interests.

CPA Tests, Recruiting and Management

  1. Accounting Elf: This blog looks at the CPA exam and recruiting.
  2. Exam Cram: The New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants provides a blog filled with tips and ideas on how to take the CPA exam.
  3. Golden Practices: Creative ideas & practical advice for accounting services and other professions from Michelle Golden, president of Golden Practices Inc.
  4. Jobs in the Money: This is a series of blog entries, part of a larger job site for financial careers, that help accountants and other financial experts find new or better jobs.
  5. Management Accountant Blog: Santosh covers management and financial accounting topics as well as technology and auditing issues.
  6. Possibilities for CPA Firm Leaders: Learn about practical ideas, mistakes made and lessons learned in the world of CPA firm management, human resources, administration, marketing and technology.
  7. The CPA Exam Blog: This blog is about overcoming failures, circumstances, laziness, excuses and “passing the CPA Exam – no matter your age – no matter how long it takes – no matter what people say.”

Organizations and SOX

  1. AGA Blog: The Association of Government Accountants (AGA) supports the careers and professional development of government finance professionals working in federal, state and local governments as well as the private sector and academia.
  2. Corporate Compliance Insights: Corporate Compliance Insights is knowledge-sharing forum designed to educate and encourage informed interaction within the corporate compliance community.
  3. CPA Success: The Maryland Association of CPAs runs this blog about accounting issues, relevant news and more — even if you don’t reside in Maryland.
  4. IAS Plus: The International Accounting Standards Board is an independent, private-sector body that develops and approves International Financial Reporting Standards. The blog is sponsored by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, a Swiss Verein.
  5. Inside Sarbanes-Oxley: This blog is dedicated to finding the best sources of news and information on the changing landscape of Sarbanes Oxley and compliance.
  6. Nonprofit Accounting: You can find materials, resources and information related to the California Association of Nonprofits’ finance and accounting programs and CAN’s Accounting Boot Camps at this blog.
  7. NYSSCPA Blog: This blog belongs to the New York State Society of CPAs, and provides readers with both state and national financial news.
  8. TSCPA Governmental Affairs Blog: The Texas Society of CPAs provides their perspective on current affairs. You don’t need to be a member to read or comment.

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