51 Excellent Personal Finance Android Apps

One of the great things about technology is the fact that you can do any number of things — no matter where you go. The Internet has provided us with plenty of options when it comes to banking online and managing money, and mobile phones are also providing the same opportunities. Indeed, it is possible to perform a number of accounting functions, no matter where you are, using your phone.

Android phones are gaining in popularity, and, as a result, an increasing number of applications are available for use with these phones. If you have an Android phone, you can take care of your personal finances rather easily, thanks to a number personal finance applications. If you are interested in personal accounting while on the go, here are 51 excellent personal finance Android apps to try:

Budgeting and Money Management

These are the Android apps that help you better manage your money. They help you track your spending, keep tabs on your bank accounts and even set goals. Budgeting and money management apps help you stay on top of your finances — in real time.

  1. Mint.com: The popular budgeting app, Mint, is available on Android. Keeps you connected to all your accounts. Cost: Free
  2. Easy Envelope Budget Aid: The cool thing about this app is that you can sync up more than one phone so you can share your budget in your household. Cost: Free
  3. mooLa Lite: Track your transactions and schedule recurring bills with this budgeting Android app. Cost: Free
  4. Personal Budget Droid: Customize your budget, import and export transactions, and more. Cost: Free
  5. Financisto: Keep up with multiple accounts, schedule transactions and keep track in any currency. Cost: Free
  6. Budgetroid: Keep track of your budget, and your expenses in real time. Up to the minute account information as you track your expenses. Cost: Free
  7. EasyMoney: This handy app provides you with an easy way to stay on top of your daily expenses. Cost: Free
  8. Pageonce: You can track and pay bills, have more accounts, get notifications and more. Cost: Free (also a paid version available)
  9. Daily Cash: A personal finance assistant that works in various currencies, and provides you with a number of ways to keep track of what is going on. Cost: Free ($3.99 for pro)
  10. Loot: Cool Android app that helps you keep track of multiple accounts and budget with tags. Cost: Free
  11. Hello Expense: Great data tracker for income and expense. Also keep track of other information. Cost: Free


If you are interested in investing, you can take advantage of Android apps that allow you to monitor your accounts and track your portfolio. Some apps even help you execute trades right from your mobile phone.

  1. Retirement Planner: Use this app to plan the investments you need to retire when you want. Cost: Free
  2. Stock Quote: Get real time information about stocks, and track your portfolio.
  3. Kitco Precious Metals Prices: You keep you with precious metals with this handy app. Cost: Free
  4. OANDA fxTrade for Android: Trade 54 currency pairs and four metal pairs with this Android app. Cost: Free
  5. Yahoo! Finance: Stock market information, news and more for your investment portfolio. Cost: Free
  6. Google Finance: Another great investing and stock market news app. Cost: Free
  7. Puluwai: This is the app if you are interested in real estate. Great for finding local real estate as a residence or investment. Cost: Free
  8. Market Millionaire Classic: A fun stock market simulation game. Great for practice. Cost: Free

Credit, Debt and Debt Reduction

Those who are trying to reduce their debt can make use of Android applications to help them set goals — and track progress. Get ideas for reducing debt and keep track of when you reach certain debt milestones.

  1. Mortgage Calculator: Calculate your mortgage payment and add in another expenses to get a more accurate number. Cost: Free
  2. Pay Off Debt: Financial blogger MoneyCrush has created this app to help you pay down your debt. Cost: $2.99
  3. Debt Payoff Planner: Use this app to make a debt repayment plan. Take it to the next level. Cost: $0.99
  4. How to Get Rid of Debt: Great app that helps you figure out the quickest way to get out of debt. Cost: $1.50
  5. Key Ring: This is a great place to store your cards — including your rewards credit cards. Then you just have to have the cashier scan the barcode.
  6. Credit Usage Plus Enabler: Keep track of your credit usage. Cost: $2.54
  7. Experian’s My Credit Score: App keeps you up with your credit score. Cost: App is free, but you may need to pay a fee for the service
  8. Credit.com credit cards: This app is designed to help you research credit cards and get the best card for you. Cost: Free
  9. FiCal: A great calculator that can help you do a number of financial planning calculations, including those related to debt. Cost: Free


Sometimes you have to conduct business with the help of your Android phone. This is especially true if you have a side gig, or a full-on home business. Technology is helping many people increase their income, and the following Android apps can help you stay on top of things.

  1. PayPal Mobile for Android: A great way to invoice others and get paid. A great business finance app.
  2. Cashbook: A great choice for business bookkeeping, with extensive tools. Cost: $4.99
  3. Expense Manager: Use this to keep track of income and expenses, offering helpful information on cash flow. Cost: Free
  4. SnapTax: This is a cool Android app that helps you do your taxes with your phone. Cost: Free for app, fee for filing
  5. Square: Simple mobile payments on your Android. Take credit card payments no matter where you are. Cost: Free
  6. Expensify: Sync your business expenses with Quickbooks. Easy and quick. Cost: Free
  7. Shoeboxed: Organizes receipts for you. Keeps track of personal and business expenses. Cost: Monthly fee for service
  8. Mileage: A great way to keep track of your mileage traveled for business. Also, keep track of fuel economy. Cost: Free

Banks and Credit Unions

Many financial institutions offer Android applications now. These applications are designed specifically to help you do your banking on the go. You can check balances, schedule transfers, pay bills and even, in some cases, make deposits, from your cell phone.

  1. USAA Android App: Great app from USAA credit union. Cost: Free
  2. Chase: If you bank with Chase, you can get access to an app. Cost: Free
  3. Bank of America: Get an app for your BofA needs. Cost: Free
  4. Mountain America Credit Union: Get this app if you bank at Mountain America. Cost: Free
  5. Key Bank: This mobile web view allows you to look at your account. Cost: $0.99
  6. Mobile Banking: This Android app allows you to access accounts at a variety of banks and credit unions. Cost: Free

Shopping and Coupons

For the frugal among us, there are Android applications that can help you save more of your hard earned cash. These apps will help you compare prices while you are shopping, or they will help you store coupons and find other promotions. Great resources for those who are into pinching their pennies and getting the most out of every dollar.

  1. Best Deals: Find the best deals from around the Web, including deals on Twitter. Cost: Free
  2. ShopSavvy: Scan the barcode and get comparisons from the Web and other in-town locations. Cost: Free
  3. Gas Finder: Get the best price on gas. Cost: Free
  4. LivingSocial: Helpful information on getting great deals. Cost: Free
  5. Deal Leak: Daily deals on all sorts of things. Cost: Free
  6. Groupon: Social deals and more with help from Groupon. Cost: Free
  7. GeoQpons: One of the best apps for finding promos and deals. Cost: Free
  8. Our Groceries: A great app that allows you to sync up your shopping lists. Cost: Free
  9. Yowza: Great deals and more from this site. Cost: Free

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