Financial Investigation

Financial Investigators search through volumes of financial data as usually required by governmental regulation. This investigation, a form of audit, usually turns up certain transactions that are examined in much more detail to determine if they hold up to financial standards. If not, such transactions could result in a criminal or administrative investigation. Financial investigators may rely on data mining and data matching techniques in their search. Such investigations are often conducted by the CIA, which routinely examines interbank transactions via its espionage work. Financial investigation is experiencing a boom as new federal, state, and local regulations are going into place following a resurgence in white collar crime.

An Associate in Financial Investigation provides numerous courses in accounting as well as law and criminal justice. The core curriculum teaches students to become familiar with examining financial records to determine how money is moving around an organization. Specific courses might include intermediate accounting, financial investigation, as well as criminal law and procedures. Bachelor’s programs teach skills and techniques for gathering, analyzing, and preserving evidence of economic and financial misdeeds. Topics of study include criminal justice, mathematics, economics, ethics, and sociology.

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