Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting includes the study of accounting in relation to disputes or litigation. In fact, “forensic” is defined as “suitable for use in a court of law”. Forensic accountants often are called upon to give expert evidence at trial. Forensic accountants can specialize in insurance claims, personal injury, construction, fraud, or royalty audits. Forensic accountants can investigate civil disputes relating to quantifying losses and economic damages caused by breach of contract, acquisitions, or business valuation. Forensic accountants also assist in marital and family law in determining spousal support, child support, and distribution.

Associates programs in Forensic Accounting prepare students for a career discovering evidence to convict perpetrators on crimes from embezzlement to terrorist funding. Courses explore how to use computer technology, creative thinking, and careful inspection of financial records to uncover proof of the crime. Bachelor’s programs teach litigation support and investigative accounting. Topics include economic damages caused by employee theft, securities fraud, insurance fraud, asset misappropriations, fraudulent statements, and professional negligence. Master’s programs explore the skills and competencies required by entry-level accountants and others to become forensic accountants and fraud investigators. These programs also include advanced topics such as ethics and investigation.

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