Top 25 Accounting Journals and Publications

As anyone studying for an accounting degree can tell you, it is a difficult task. With study time often continuing well into the night, getting the degree can be the easy part when compared to such tasks as getting a decent salary or making sense of all the career options. The good news is that students are no longer at the mercy of the nearest accounting firm.

With the help of the internet, online journals and publications have rushed in to fill voids that traditional paper ones could never fill. Nowadays, an accounting student is never more than a Google search away from an experienced answer to their questions. But even Google has its drawbacks, so we have taken the guesswork out and gathered the top 25 accounting journals and publications below. They can help you do everything from pass the CPA exam to land that dream job.

Top Accounting Journals

  1. Journal of Accountancy
    Many leading accountants and their employers stop here to get the latest accounting news in all areas from practice to tech. In addition to The Tax Adviser and Career Center, there are also many videos on the topic. It is published by the American Institute of CPAs, which has more on their own site.
  2. Accounting Today
    This journal is made with the web CPA in mind. You can read the latest items right on the homepage. There are also blogs, podcasts, and much more on the profession.
  3. The CPA Journal
    You don’t have to be a Certified Public Accountant to take advantage of this journal, but it doesn’t hurt. Contents include auditing, taxation, finance, and many others. They also have items on the business side of accounting as well as how to submit your own story to the journal.
  4. Accountancy
    The latest news comes several times a day on the homepage of this journal. You can search by topics such as business, careers, in practice, law, and others. They also have loads of accounting news on the international front.
  5. New Accountant
    Students will appreciate this accounting journal. It has items for high school and other levels of accounting education. You can also get industry news, a salary guide, and much more.
  6. Journal of Accounting Research
    Get accounting in its research and theoretical aspects here. It is published by the Institute of Professional Accounting at the University of Chicago. You can read some samples online, but a subscription is required for other areas.
  7. Journal of Forensic Accounting
    See how accounting meets the world of CSI with the help of this journal. It focuses on the evidentiary basis of economic transactions and reporting events. You can read a few entries online, including one just for students, or get more though a subscription.
  8. International Journal of Accounting
    If you need to learn how accounting is done overseas, check out this journal. Published by the University of Illinois, you can sample an issue online from SciVerse. There are also back issues available for the purchasing.

Top Accounting Publications

  1. Smart Brief
    Many industry professionals stop here on a regular basis to learn the latest news for them, including accounting. They have several publications to choose from including CPA Letter Daily Info Tech Update, and Financial Planning Digest. You can also look up other industries such as law and technology.
  2. CPA Trendlines
    Get actionable intelligence for the tax, accounting, and finance community with a visit here. It is headed by Bay Street Group LLC and has loads of research and analysis. Sections include specialties such as management issues and client focus.
  3. Big 4
    Want to learn the latest news about the largest four accounting firms? Then stop by this blog which devotes itself to them and a few of the other players. In addition to the latest news, they also have special items just for recruiters.
  4. WSJ Accounting
    Everyone knows that “The Wall Street Journal” is a must for business professionals. But did you know they also have a special section for accounting? A subscription is required to read some material.
  5. Accounting Web
    This publication allows you to choose accounting news for the United States or the United Kingdom. Topics include auditing, technology, education, workplace, and others. There are also discussion groups online.
  6. NYT Accounting
    Get accounting news from “The New York Times” by visiting here. This special page contains all the news in the area including laws, policies, and more. There is also a business section with related news.
  7. CA Magazine
    Need an accounting publication in Canada? Then check out their leading magazine on the topic. Available in both English and French.
  8. FASB Publications
    Need the latest accounting standards? Then check out the official publications page of the Financial Accounting Standards Board. They have concepts, interpretations, technical bulletins, and much more for the professional accountant.

Top Accounting Journals and Publications by an Individual

  1. re: The Auditors
    Get items for accountants by accountants. Francine McKenna has more than 20 years of experience in consulting and professional services including tenure at two Big 4 firms. Auditing is given special consideration, but other areas are also discussed.
  2. His CPA
    This CPA has over 30 years’ experience in business accounting, tax, and giving financial advice to all sorts of businesses. He also devotes his blog and practice to Him and has achieved a lot of notoriety for the practice. Accounting practices as well as Bible quotes to go with them are often featured.
  3. CPA Zone
    Students will enjoy this site for all its tips just for them. Tips for passing the CPA exam and landing your dream accounting job are given special consideration. There is also a forum with more.
  4. Golden Practices
    Michelle Golden continues in the spirit of the above by keeping a blog with loads of resources for accounting students and those just starting out. She is also a senior fellow at the VeraSage Institute and was one of the 100 most influential people in accounting. Her blog is full of tips, such as the latest on “Retraining Clients When You’ve Taught Them to Abuse You.”
  5. Forensic Accounting Today
    Learn more about the practice of forensic accounting with the help of Jeff Moore. A CPA from Atlanta, he has many items on investigative accounting, fraud examination, ethics violations, and related areas. Recent entries are on fraud and the CIRA credential.
  6. A Counting School
    Krupo can help teach you all about accounting Canadian style. He began this blog when taking their version of the CPA exam, and it has continued ever since. He recently wrote about his first year as an accounting manager.
  7. CPA Technology
    Learn how accounting and technology combine in the 2.0 age on this blog. Brian Tankersley is both a CPA and CITP who writes about technology issues and news for accountants of all types. Categories include everything from software to blogging.
  8. Jr. Deputy Accountant
    This is anonymous blogger was born on the same day as Ben Bernanke. However, he or she would do things differently according to the blog. Get accounting and politics in one with a visit.
  9. CPA Career Coach
    Need help finding a job after accounting school? Then stop by the site of Jonathan Milligan, an executive recruiter and career coach for accountants based in Florida. However, you don’t have to be from the area to get crucial tips such as “Mistakes to Avoid When Negotiating a Salary” and “How to Find a Headhunter.”

Remember that the above top 25 accounting journals and publications have useful tips and advice but can’t replace an actual certified accountant when making crucial decisions on your own finance. Other questions, such as grants or scholarships for accounting students can be found online.

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